About Me

Oh how I wish this were over coffee instead of the Internet! I’m glad you’ve clicked the “About Me” tab, but I wish I could know about you as well! Nevertheless, here it goes:

As the oldest of four in a church-going home, I had the privilege of being exposed to Jesus at an early age, and came to make the faith my own at the age of 8. But then, at 13, my life radically changed when I realized that being a Christian is less of a label and more of an active exchange: Jesus gave His life for me so I must, in full surrender, live my life for Him. My life since then has been a journey, an adventure really, in figuring out what that looks like in each chapter of my life: as a single woman, then as a wife, and now also as a mother of two small children. I don’t claim to be perfect or have it all figured out – I’m simply a sinner saved by grace desiring to learn to run in obedience for Him!

Additionally, I am an introvert (INTJ for you Meyers-Briggs nerds) but I am a high-functioning introvert so I LOVE spending time with one or two people for deep conversations. But in my free time I enjoy reading nonfiction and memoirs – anything that will challenge me or teach me something new. I also love to laugh and speak fluent sarcasm. Lastly: coffee is life.

If you choose to stick around (and I so hope you do!) you will find I am completely honest -almost to a fault- and depend solely on the Word of God as my authority on truth. It is my desire to live transparently the story God has written/is writing with my life and to encourage you to do the same. There is always someone who needs to hear our stories, and we’re not doing anyone any favors if we keep them to ourselves. So I’ll tell my stories and you tell yours, and together we’ll live messy for the glory of God and the benefit of others!

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