Behind Enemy Lies

know_your_enemyFew people set out to have enemies. I recently found out, second hand, that someone I know considers me her enemy. Splendid. I’m not really sure what to do with this information. Can someone truly be your enemy if you are unaware of the relationship status? At least not on a personal level. Makes me think about doing a little “DTR” with everyone I know just to ensure I don’t have any other enemies floating around! And then I remembered: this isn’t high school and I honestly just don’t care. I don’t do drama. Period.

Lately, I’ve been dreaming and praying and journaling about who I’d like to be and how I’d like to grow. I desire to pray more, study more, read more, write more, disciple more, love more. And all that requires one thing I lack: discipline. As a part of a Bible study I’m doing with an amazing group of ladies in my neighborhood, we were instructed to write Psalm 110:1 on a notecard. A few weeks ago, as I was doing my homework for said Bible study, that notecard fell out of my workbook and I knew it wasn’t happenstance; God had a specific point He was (is) wanting to get across.

Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool. (Psalm 110:1 ESV)

I realize full well that the context of this verse is God speaking to Jesus – the verse starts with “The Lord said to my Lord.” But in this moment, I knew it was my Lord speaking to me. (Which, by the way, absolutely never gets old!!)

God: Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.

Me: I’m pretty sure (other than the aforementioned person) I don’t have any enemies. But I’ll be sure to keep this in mind should I ever begin to make some.

God: Your enemies aren’t people.

Me: *Gulp* Oh.

So, with pen and journal in hand, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I begin to list my enemies:

  • Laziness
  • Apathy
  • Doubt
  • Busyness
  • Distraction
  • Selfishness
  • Complacency
  • Pride
  • ME

Yep, you read that right – I am my own worst enemy. It’s cliché but it’s unfortunately true, and not just for me. We all have things we allow to be in our life that keep us from running full-bore toward Jesus. These are not just inconveniences or side issues – they are enemies of our walk with Christ! In Hebrews 12, at the end of verse 1 it says, “let us lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance.” In this Sermon Jam, Pastor John Piper explains that this verse is not just talking about getting rid of sin, but also absolutely everything else in our lives that doesn’t help us run – “every weight.” Even the good things are bad if they are in the way. This is a much higher calling than simply “do not sin.” (Because that’s simple, right??) Yikes!

Me: Ok, so I have a few enemies. (Truthfully more than what I listed.) Now what?

God: Sit. In My presence. I will make them your footstool.

Exodus 14:14 say, “The Lord Himself will fight for you, you need only to be still.” God is not surprised by our enemies, nor does He expect us to defeat them on our own. He wants us to sit, in His presence, daily giving Him our enemies. Dear Jesus, help me to daily remember to give You my enemies – the bad and the not best.

Are you feeling heavy? What weight are you carrying around unnecessarily? What are your enemies? I encourage you to spend some time prayerful asking God to reveal them to you – and then give them back to Him. He desires much from us, and for us. Run free!



Author: Shannon Erickson

I am a wife, mother, and Christ-follower who desires to see everyone telling the stories God has written into their lives, for the His glory and the benefit of others. I also run on sarcasm, coffee, and a whole ton of grace! Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you'll stick around!

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